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Generate Metadata Config workbooks not in days, but in few minutes.

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35000+ installs on Salesforce AppExchange in past 3 year.


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Sensible pricing for practical usage, pricing that works well across unlimited number of users in sandboxes, production and dev orgs.

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Single landing page with simple navigation, to generate all required config workbooks.

Key Features

Fine Object Metadata Details

For all objects (standard and custom), explore fine details about fields, picklists, formulas, validation rules, fieldsets, record types, business processes, custom buttons/links etc.

Check animation on right side for quick glimpse of report, or download a report sample.

Salesforce Object CRUD/FLS and Metadata details

Apex, Trigger, Visualforce Page & Component Details

  • Apex : List of all classes, code coverage, namespace prefix, validity, created/last modified info, api version, and length without comments.
  • VF Components and pages: Lists all components/pages with created/last modified info, namespace prefix, and api version etc.
  • Triggers : List of all triggers, code coverage, object name, associated DML events, namespace prefix, validity, created/last modified info, api version, and length without comments.

Check animation on left side for quick glimpse of report, or download a report sample.

Salesforce Apex, Visualforce, Trigger details

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We are committed to success and productivity of Config Workbook customers, in 1812+ cities across 74 countries. We're glad our customers are getting days worth of configuration reporting done in few minutes.

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Featured in Dreamforce Talk

Config Workbook was featured in Dreamforce session titled "AppExchange for Admins: Apps Every Admin Should Know"

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Featured in Salesforce Blog

“We use Config Workbook in conjunction with Field Trip to see what percentage of fields are being used. With one click of a button, you can download a workbook on all of the data about an object.”

- Leyna Hoffer (Salesforce MVP)
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Featured in Salesforce MVP Phil's Salesforce Tips - Week #168

“This AppExchange tool allows an Excel workbook to be downloaded containing details of the Org configuration including the Objects, Security settings, change history, and it will include items such as the picklist values..... - Dave Humm
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Featured in CloudMyBiz Blog

“You need a way to take all of the information you need and gather it in one place for your review as quickly as possible. Well, I’ve got good news for you – there’s an app for that. Check out Config Workbook - Jared Baker
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All of the features in Config Workbook are FREE to use, we only charge for Ms Excel based reports generated out of app.

Free Plan

This auto activates on installation in any Salesforce org. All other features mentioned below are completely FREE. Excel based report downloads are only chargable, we offer 8 trial reports to start with, in case you run out of those reports, please purchase a paid plan.



8 trial reports available.

To get more reports, please upgrade to any paid plan.


A rich dashboard showing vital org usage stats about login behavior, login ip range, profile wise logins, and metadata count (fields, labels, classes etc)

Org Comparator (beta)

Lets you compare Apex, Triggers, Objects and Visualforce

Profile Comparator

Compare each and every bit of one profile with other, in same or across different orgs

Metadata Update (beta)

Allows easy update of Validation, Workflow, Object permissions, and Field Level Security

Mass Validation/Workflow Updates

It makes migrations easy, by offering ability to bulk change/enable/disable validation and workflow rules

Impact Analysis *NEW*

Figure out dependencies of Object fields in Workflow rules, Validation rules, Approval Process, Sharing Rules, Page Layouts, Formula Fields, Apex(text match), and Visualforce page/components

Paid Plans

Charged Annually, & Unlimited admin users per org.


$50 /month

Valid for a SINGLE org.
This plan will work on the given single org for unlimited users. This plan is very popular among admins / developers working out of single Salesforce org.
Best suited for Salesforce Admins/Developers with Single Org to document.


$150 /month

Valid for upto FIVE orgs.
These five orgs could be any unrelated five sandbox, dev or production orgs. This plan gives total flexiblity to document and use app tooling across many orgs.
Best suited for small consulting partners and Salesforce admins.

1 Prod : N Sandboxes

$250 /month

Install our app any 1 production org, and use it across any number of sandboxes attached / spinned out of the same production org.
Best suited for Salesforce admin who are responsive for well being and good health of an enterprise, i.e. its production and all sandboxes.


$500 /month

License is portable between org. Apply license in client's org when project is done then revoke the access from org and apply it in other org.
Best suited for large consulting partners.
Simple Licensing Terms
  • All paid plans are for "Unlimited Salesforce Users in an Org"
  • Org once attached to a paid plan can't be changed for the period of annual subscription i.e. a single org license is not portable to other orgs, it will be locked to that given org's ID.
    Note: it is not applicable for sandbox if license is 1 PROD : N SANDBOXES or Unlimited
  • All paid plans offer unlimited report downloads.
  • This org could be any of Sandbox, Dev, or Production Type.
  • Any of free or paid license is not limited by number of users. Only chargable unit is Org, any number of users in that org can use the app.


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